Raccorderia, tubazioni, valvolame in PVDF ed ECTFE




Fittings, pipes, valves and semi-finished products in PVDF and ECTFE, including HP versions

This PVDF product line is used in the chemical industry where there are very high stress factors, either because of temperature or operating pressures.

HP (high purity) versions are available for the whole range of diameters and are used mainly in production units manufacturing micro chip components, where the process water must not be contaminated in any way during transit from the purification plant to the production unit.

The connection joints are injection moulded up to OD 315 mm PN 10, whereas for diameters greater than this they are made up in segmented fashion from extruded piping. However the fittings are available in all three kinds of joints, electrofusion up to OD 63 mm, joints up to OD 110 mm and butt weld joints up to OD 315 mm.

Extruded pipes go up to OD 450 mm PN 10, while the valves are available as ball, diaphragm, butterfly, check and T valves with no gaps in the range up to OD 110 mm. The semi-finished products comprise extruded and pressed sheets, round bars, welding rod and ANTICOR lining sheets.

ECTFE possesses the same properties as PVDF. The use of this material is highly recommended at temperatures above 120°C, also because ECTFE is particularly resistant to chemical attack by halogens.

The joints and pipes go up to OD 225 mm PN 10, while the ball valves and diaphragm valves are available up to OD 63 mm.

Pipes and joints can also be provided in the HP version when necessary.

This very special product line concludes with the semi-finished products consisting of sheets, round bars, welding rods and ANTICOR liners, all coming in various sizes.

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