Dampers and flow controllers in different materials

Different type of fans



Fittings, pipes, dumpers and accessories in PVC, PP, PPS, PPS EL and PE

This section has all the components needed to construct a complete system for process gas or air extraction plants, starting with the extractor hood, damper, assorted fittings, pipes, bends and fans, right up to the venting terminals. The parts needed for flow rate regulation and dampers with either electric or pneumatic activators are also available.

Standard materials are PVC - PP and PPS (self-extinguishing polypropylene). PE is also available upon request. However, if PPS EL, anti-static self-extinguishing polypropylene, is needed in sizes smaller than OD 250 mm, see “water - gas - industrial” in the PPS EL section with details of the joints and pipes in the PN 3.2 - 6 and 10 series, while those with diameters from OD 250 mm upwards are included in the “ventilation” list. Dampers in the same PPS EL material are also found here.

Depending on the material, PVC joints can be supplied in sizes up to OD 600 mm (formed and/or moulded) and PP/PPS joints up to OD 500 mm (moulded). All the joints are made of segmented extruded piping in the case of larger diameters or if made of PPS EL.

The fixed flanges and the dampers come in sizes up to OD 400 mm (moulded), above that they are formed from sheets.

Flow rate regulators come in sizes up to OD 400 mm. The line of fans produced by HÜRNER ITALIA SRL is the most comprehensive on the market in Italy, ensuring one can always find the very best and most suitable model for every need. If the flow rates are very high with a constant pressure head, a radial fan (namely a centrifugal fan) is the best choice, working at flow rates of 100 to 100,000 m3 /h with pressure head from 200 to 7,000 Pa.

In the case of a very high pressure head, radial fans can be equipped with blades made of fibreglass reinforced plastic or even lined metal.

If high volumes of air with a low pressure head need to be moved, then an axial fan is the most appropriate choice. The flow rate ranges from 200 to 50.000 m3 /h with a pressure head from 100 to 500 Pa.

The last one in the HÜRNER ITALIA SRL range is the roof centrifugal fan, intended for use on top of the roof of buildings with flow rate specifications ranging from 200 to 40.000 m3 /h with a pressure head from 100 to 1.150 Pa.

The standard materials used for these fans are PVC, PP, PE and PPS with PPS injection moulded blades.

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