Welding machines for electrofusion fitting



Welding machines and accessories

In this section HÜRNER ITALIA SRL has combined all the equipment necessary for preparing and effecting joints made from either the standard materials (PE and PP) or more sophisticated materials, such as PVDF and ECTFE.

Among these are electrofusion and butt welding machines, as well as special welders using infrared rays that avoid contact with the terminals to be heated. The machines can be provided with or without a protocol unit for the welding parameters.

Finally there are welders for socket joints, mobile (for construction sites) or fixed (for workshops). In addition to the welding machines, this section also includes all the equipment needed to lay PE lines for methane gas distribution, from the scraper right up to the reshapers.. Additional accessories, such as pipe-cutters, scrapers, pipe support rollers etc. are also available.

The welding machines cover the complete range of electrofusion diameters (up to OD 630 mm), whereas for butt weld joints the maximum diameter currently stops at OD 1400 mm.

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