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The business activities of HÜRNER ITALIA SRL can be split into three categories:

HÜRNER ITALIA SRL’s business is very firmly based on a definite preference for the use of thermoplastics and thermosetting, only resorting to the use of metals when it is impossible to the preferred materials because of construction difficulties or questions of mechanical strength.

The measures taken by HÜRNER ITALIA SRL to solve corrosion problems are efficient and long-lasting, and this can be confirmed by the company's clients, among whom are included the most important business names in Italy and overseas.

Some of the enterprises using components and plants manufactured by HÜRNER ITALIA SRL are listed below.

These include local government departments or water and/or gas consortiums, construction companies, engineering firms, industrial companies specialising in many different areas, such as: steelworks, food preparation, the car industry, aviation, paper production, chemicals, electrical components, electronics, pharmaceuticals, rubber, mechanical parts, mining, mineral oils, telecommunications etc.

All these companies see HÜRNER ITALIA SRL as a reliable partner when it comes to the search for the most appropriate solutions to satisfy their requirements and especially when the excellent anticorrosive nature of plastics provides the answer. NEXT

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