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HÜRNER ITALIA SRL was founded way back in 1973 as a subsidiary of a German Group in order to introduce its technology and know-how into Italy and countries in the Mediterranean region. Today it operates independently with its own business policy geared towards addressing the needs of its own client base, both in Italy and on the international scene.

During these 30 years of activity, HÜRNER ITALIA SRL has made a name for itself as a company that specialises in plastics in the industrial and civil areas. It provides its customers not only with the materials themselves but also with skilled help, from the planning stages right through to the final supplying and commissioning of the plant, equipment or parts necessary.

From its plant in Mombretto di Mediglia (Milan), it is able to solve all problems by using its own highly skilled personnel and exactly the right material for each job chosen from the very extensive range of plastics available.

An expert technical department works on the static calculation of the components for manufacture, produces computer-aided designs using the very latest systems and is always kept up-to-date with the latest regulatory guidelines. This is because it plays an active role on the various committees of UNIPLAST and The Welding Institute of Italy, and is also a member of the Italian Institute of Plastics.

As well as being able to boast the most extensive and complete range of semi-finished thermoplastic products in the whole of Italy, HÜRNER ITALIA SRL has, over the past 30 years, become a leader in the field of environmental protection with its gaseous effluent treatment plants and the setting-up of operational plants.

Gas purification plants are usually plastic and are based primarily on a wet scrubbing technology using a chemical and physical process. Each plant is designed to suit the pollutants to be eliminated, drawing on a choice of standard processes available to HÜRNER ITALIA SRL. Where the company has no direct experience, it starts with a pilot plant and a series of tests, using the results of these tests to establish the design and size of the final facility.

HÜRNER ITALIA SRL also draws upon the experience of its overseas colleagues, with whom it works very closely, in its plant design and installation work and so is able to offer its own clients the very latest, state-of-the-art technology.

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