Conveyance, storage and transport plant of corrosive liquids



Facilities for the conveyance, storage and transport of corrosive liquids

Two important product lines come together under this heading, namely storage tanks and pipelines for the conveyance and transport of liquids, together with all their component parts such as on/off valves or register valves, transfer pumps and all the equipment necessary for monitoring working conditions.

The tanks are made from thermoplastics (containing < 10 cubic metres and above > 10 cubic metres in volume up to 100 cubic metres) or thermosetting plastic, in a single solid construction using the filament winding technique. Should sizes larger than 200 cubic metres be required, HÜRNER ITALIA SRL offers its clients the «Kabe-o-Rap» process, a patented procedure for on site construction of tanks holding up to 2,000 cubic metres using precast panels and plastic-lined steel cables.

The pipeline connecting the tanks and the processing unit can be made of either thermoplastic or thermosetting material, or even a compound of the two, depending on the kind of liquid being carried, the temperature and pressure factors involved in the process and the envisaged life of the plant.

The thermoplastic materials normally used for processing lines are: PP-H (homopolymer polypropylene) or PP-R (copolymer polypropylene), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) or even ECTFE (ethylene - chlorotetrafluoroethylene) - HALAR -, but not PE and PVC. In the case of thermosetting materials, the choice includes PRFV with bisphenolic, isophthalic, orthophtalic and epoxy resins, each used according to its specific properties, to give the pipes greater thermal and mechanical resistance. Valves come in PP, PVDF and in PVC in the commonly-used types and these form an integral part of HÜRNER ITALIA SRL’s product range.

The pumps used for carrying the liquids have either a mechanical seal or a magnetic feed system with the pump casing made from PE, PP or PVDF according to the specific requirements.

HÜRNER ITALIA SRL can design the entire piping system, conduct the necessary stress testing and leakage checks and decide on the type of support necessary for the overhead lines, as well as the protective coatings if these are required for pipes carrying highly dangerous liquids. In these situations double-walled piping is used and this comes with all the necessary accessories included. Checking of underground pipelines for stress caused by groundwater or even from the weight of earth or traffic above is one of the services normally provided by HÜRNER ITALIA SRL.

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