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Hürner Italia Srl, through the know-how it has acquired over many years, is able to produce special plants on customer request with great tailoring capacity
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The Industrial Plants division includes the following business lines

Ecological plants
The application range of this business encompasses all industrial workings that generates polluting fumes in the chem...
Technical plants
This business line is based on Hürner Italia Srl's fifty years’ experience in thermoplastics manufacturing, comprehen...
Industrial ventilation plants installed by Hürner Italia Srl are divided into two groups: Conveyance of highly cor...
  • ECOLOGICAL plants line: scrubbing of gaseous effluents and/or particle separation (under wet conditions); parallel, counter-current, cross-current, Venturi system flow scrubbing and turbulence separation system, both with profile droplet or Demister separator;
  • TECHNICAL plants line: corrosive liquids management and production of technical plants and/or components based on our own know-how and according to the customer's directions;
  • VENTILATION plants line: conveyance of polluted air with piping, fittings and accessories as well as fans to expel air to the outside or to the purification plant.
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