Lining products made of traditional materials with thermoplastics has become an important business line for Hürner Italia Srl

The better and better performance of the products and the requirement for environment protection through low-impact pollution have supported this technology, which gives products a much longer life and generates important economic savings.

Concrete lining
Concrete lining
The technology is divided into two main sections: ANTICOR: this line is based on the application of the liner on c...
Lining of metal products
Lining of metal products
The technology of this application is based on shaping the liner with an identical profile to the surface to be lined...

Nowadays, liners are mostly applied to concrete products, which must resist ever-increasing stresses caused by corrosive liquids, above all in the area over the liquid, where gas with sulfuric compounds attacks and destroys the concrete and reinforcement metal parts.

Even if the investment required for making lined concrete ducts is greater than traditional solutions, the maintenance cost is lower, the operating life is much longer without breakdowns caused by collapses due to the traffic and the degeneration of the material: this results in an investment characterized by future savings. Concrete-reinforced plastic pipe or product is the result of this technique, which combines traditional century-old materials with modern anti-corrosive thermoplastic lining.

This application has found opportunities in the civil field and our daily life and is conquering ever-increasing market shares also in the industrial sector. The main reason for the success of this metal equipment lining technique is the low cost of making these products. Initially, a low-quality, yet suitably sized metal product is built; then, it is enhanced by selecting a suitable inner liner, which makes it as good as highly anti-corrosive and very expensive alloys.

Thermoplastics liners are available in several executions and qualities and are laid out by highly qualified staff only.

Hürner Italia Srl is ready to suggest and supply you with the most suitable liner for lining works or liner for reinforcement with fiberglass and the right backing system for your needs.

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