Jun 2024

Fittings and pipes for ATEX-classified industrial areas

10 june 2024

In order to address corrosion problems in industrial plants, pipes made of thermoplastic materials has been used for decades; this also includes areas at risk of explosion, which are technically referred as ATEX-classified.

May 2024

Interview given by Ing. Lang to Radio RBS

10 may 2024

Here the intervention of Ing. Lang regarding Hürner Italia Srl activities. 

May 2024

Wet gas scrubbers for industrials environments

10 may 2024

An important part of Hürner Italia Srl's activity is related to the purification of gaseous waste emitted in industrial processes. As an example of such activity, in the following image is shown a two-stage Scrubber employed to solve the problem of reducing polluting emissions.


Control valves and measuring instruments in the ultrapure liquid environment

10 april 2024

Hürner Italia Srl includes in its extended offer a complete line of pipes and fittings in PVDF-UHP material (ultra high purity quality), up to the ND 300 mm size, and the respective control valves of the ball, diaphragm and check types.


Thermoplastic Anti-vibration elements and Compensators for Industrial Ventilation

10 march 2024

During the design process of pipeline made of thermoplastic materials (PVC, PP and PE) suited for conveyance of gas from industrial processes, it is always needed to consider the high linear expansion to which the pipe is subjected, providing for the insertion of adequate compensation elements.


PVC-B piping and fittings

10 february 2024

Nowadays, in the field of industrial ventilation for the conveyance of air and processed gases, it is always more common to find application for piping made of plastic materials and its respective components such as fittings, shutters and various other accessories. 


Interview given by Ing. Lang to Business 24

10 January 2024

Here the intervention of Ing. Lang regarding Hürner Italia Srl activities. 


PT threaded sampling fittings in PVDF/UHP

10 dicember 2023

It is usual practice to insert measuring instruments or sampling nozzles in an industrial processing pipeline. However, sometimes these cannot be inserted if the connection point is not prepared with the appropriate thickness, and moreover it results to be very difficult, if not completely impossible, to make a threaded hole to insert a branch to which a sampling


Special seals in white ePTFE with centering fins

10 november 2023

The plane seals of a flanged fitting needs to be always well centered in order to not affect the cross-section of the channel. This is not always easy to achieve, as the normal operation for the positioning of such seals is done on sight with visual reference to the external dimension of the support folder.

Oct. 2023

Electric-wielding Sleeves line in PVDF

10 october 2023

The application of PVDF in the realization of pipes for pressure-driven processes has allowed a great evolution of this field in the last few years, particularly thanks to the numerous and remarkable properties of such material, which is today available in two different variants, known as chemical and high purity class (HPC).

Sep. 2023

Union connection-end caps for T branch diaphragm valves in PVDF-UHP

10 september 2023

During the installation of processing lines, it often becomes necessary to be able to predict future connections to the pipeline even though the effective connection point results to be still unknown.

July 2023

Controlled tightening of PVDF/UHP and PVDF unions

10 July 2023

During the installation of PVDF-UHP and PDVF pipeline, the pipe union it’s the element most frequently used for the pipeline division as it is easily wieldable thanks to its large tangs. However, at the time of the installation, it is not always easy to tighten the union lock ring.

Jun 2023

PP electrofusion couplers line 

10 June 2023

The Hürner Italia Srl wide product range also contains this little known technological gem that covers an important application for industrial plant engineering, allowing easier use in challenging installation conditions.

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