Ventilation line

Pipes, fittings, dampers, silencers and accessories made of the following thermoplastic materials: PVC, PVC-B, PP, PPS, PPS EL, PVDF and PE as well centrifugal, roof centrifugal and axial fans made of the following thermoplastic materials: PES, PP, and PVC

For process unit gas or air extraction plants, this line includes all components needed to build a whole system, from extractor hoods, dampers, silencers, assorted fittings, pipes, bends, fans and deflector cowls. The required parts for flow rate regulation and electric/pneumatic actuators-equipped dampers are also available.

For the ventilation line the standard materials are PVC, PVC-B (white), PP, PPS (self-extinguishing polypropylene) and PE. PPS EL (anti-static self-extinguishing polypropylene) could also be used and it has been divided between the ventilation, water, gas and industrial line. In particular, ventilation includes all the thinnest pipes, while for PN 3.2 - 6 and 10 pressures are also reported both butt welded pipes and fittings from the industrial line, from OD 90 mm to OD 315 mm. The ventilation catalogue includes both socket and butt welded fittings, with different thicknesses. All regulation dampers are socketed-ended regardless of the material they are made of.


Fittings are available for PVC up to OD 900 mm in the formed and/or molded version, PVC-B up to OD 400 mm, PP/PPS up to OD 1000 mm in the molded version; PPS EL butt-welded fittings are available up to OD 315 mm in the molded version, while up to OD 500 mm for the socketed version. Larger sized fittings are made in segmented version from the extruded pipe.
Fixed flanges and dampers are available for size up to OD 400 mm in the molded version, while larger sizes are obtained by calendering.

Flow controllers are available up to OD 1000 mm. The Hürner Italia Srl range of fans is the most exhaustive on the Italian market and includes the most suitable model for all requirements, also for installation in explosion areas according to ATEX directives.


Flows controllers are available up to OD 1000 mm. Hürner Italia Srl has in offer the most exhaustive range of fans on the Italian market, including the most suitable model for all requirements, also for installation in exprosive hazardous areas, in compliance to the latest ATEX directives. Whe mass flow rates are considerable and heads sustained, radial fans are the best possible option. They're operating mass flow rates ranges from 100 to 100,000 m3/h under heads that ranges from 200 to 7,000 Pa. For particularly high heads, radial fans can be reinforced by equipping fiberglass or metal-covered impellers.

At contrary, if large volumes of air with low heads are involved, then axial fans are the most suitable devices. Their flow ranges from 200 to 50,000 m3/h under heads from 100 to 500 Pa.

The last product in the Hürner Italia Srl offer is the roof centrifugal fan, which is designed for installation on building roofs; its mass flow ranges from 200 to 40,000 m3/h with heads from 100 to 1,150 Pa. Standard materials for fans are PES (Self-Extinguishing Polyethylene), PP and PVC, with PPS injection molded or PP - PVC welded, impellers.

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